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Planned Giving

Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a way to make a gift to your favorite charity, and still receive an income for yourself or others. It is a contract under which a charity, in return for a transfer of cash or other property, agrees to pay a fixed sum of money for a period measured by one or two lives. The person who contributes an asset for the annuity is called the "donor" and the person who receives payments is called the "annuitant" or "beneficiary." Usually the annuitant is also the donor but this is not always true. The maximum number of annuitants is two and payments can be made to them jointly or successively. There are several types of gift annuities and the payments vary according to the type selected.  If you wish to make a gift to the United Church and have funds or investments not producing income, a gift annuity provides a way to get more income with income tax benefits.  Pamphlet are available which describe gift annuities offered through the United Church Foundation.  Gift annuities can be established on a confidential basis by working directly with the Foundation office.

United Church of Sun City Endowment Fund

The United Church of Sun City has established an Endowment Fund to provide members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts to the Church. These gifts will continue through the years to be a living memorial to the donors and the income will help provide for the long-term needs of the Church, its programs, ministries and missions. Gifts and bequests received in the form of stocks, bonds, real estate or other such property shall be sold to establish the amount of the charitable gift. If the gift or bequest is accepted by the Church Council and is designated for the Endowment Fund, the proceeds shall be invested as soon as possible in that Fund.

Restricted gifts or bequests for special use or purposes require the acceptance by the Church Council. Prospective donors of restricted gifts shall be informed the Church Council may, at some future time, determine it is no longer practical for the funds to be used for the specified purpose. The Church Council may devote the principal and/or income from the gift for the general use and benefit of the Church.

The Endowment Fund assets will normally be invested in the United Church Moderate Balanced Fund which has a target allocation of 40% Fixed Income and 60% Total Equity.  This provides for professional management of the funds on a continuing basis.

The Church may annually use for its ministries, programs and missions an amount equal to seven percent (7%) of the Endowment portfolio's total market value on the first day of January of that year. The 7% shall consist of interest and dividends plus withdrawals from the portfolio to take advantage of capital gain increases and appreciation. Other than the above 7% annual contribution to the church budget, no withdrawals shall be made from the Endowment without the express approval of a three-fourths' majority of those voting at the annual or a special membership meeting.

For more information:
Contact the United Church of Sun City office at 623-933-0058
Select this link to read more about the alternatives for planned giving on the UCC Website

Fry's Community Rewards

To participate in the Fry’s Community Rewards Program, you must individually register with Fry’s Grocery Store.  If you need help, please call 623-907-4965 (Theresa) Fry’s Corporate office. You will need your Fry’s V.I.P. shopper card number and the United Church of Sun City code 62679. The church will receive quarterly donations from Fry’s for your purchases.

Amazon Smile program

Do you shop on Amazon? Your eligible purchases can benefit United Church of Sun City. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. Visit Amazon Smile to sign up!