Welcome to the United Church of Sun City 

Greetings from your Parish Nurse! In this time of social distancing, I want to talk a little bit about avoiding isolation. Social interaction is a normal part of our lives. Some of the benefits of having an active social life include:

  • Increased physical health. We tend to be more active when interacting with others.
  • Boosts our immune system.
  • Gives us a more positive outlook on life (sometimes we need to limit our interaction with negative people)
  • Improves our mental sharpness.
  • Gives us a longer and happier life.

Devotions written and recorded by our Parish Nurse Lisa Dunbar, BSN, RN.
A new video will post each Tuesday at 5 pm Arizona time.

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​Social distancing does not mean that we need to isolate ourselves. Some rely on Facebook or their Google account for “social interaction” but this is very limited and not nearly as helpful. Watching TV does NOT count as social interaction!

So, how do we keep from isolating? Here are a few tips.

  • Make phone calls. Call a friend or a new acquaintance and ask them a few questions. Learn to listen to their answers and get to know them in a new way!
  • Write letters. Are there friends, children or grandchildren that you have been meaning to call or to write? Take the time now to tell them what you want them to know…that you love them and are proud of them. Consider using this time to mend some fences!
  • Talk to God. He is always with us and available! Take time to pour out your needs and concerns, but don’t forget to thank Him for the many ways He has blessed you. Take time to listen to what He places in your heart.
  • Think about someone who has less than you right now. Is there someone who needs a few groceries or some toilet paper? Is there someone who has no family nearby and needs someone to talk to? Is there someone you could meet outside and take a walk together? Or sit and chat? All of this can be done while still keeping your distance.

I hope this helps as we continue our time of dealing with COVID 19. This period of time will come to an end! Will I have used this time to make the lives of others (and myself) better? Or will I waste the opportunity by isolating myself?