Welcome to the United Church of Sun City 


Our chancel choir has approximately 20 to 30 singers, depending on the time of year, and our anthems vary from classical through contemporary in style.

We have a vibrant and talent-filled music program at United Church of Sun City

The mission of our program is to provide music that enhances the liturgy and enables our congregation to pray twice through the music. When our organist first came she told our minister of music that her job was to "take the congregation to the throne of God every week."

All music activities at United Church of Sun City are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

View recorded musical offerings on our Sermon Page.

Minister of Music Alan Paulson brings over 40 years of successful music director experience in Christian Churches, public schools, performance choirs and community colleges to our Church. Alan earned his Masters in Choral Music Conducting at ASU and continues expanding his trade by taking courses to maintain his certifications.

Special Music

The church regularly hosts special music performances for the congregation. They range from concerts at the monthly ice cream socials, to the Palm Sunday and Christmas Cantatas, to a three-concert Chamber Music and continental breakfast concert series and more.  We announce upcoming performances in the calendar and at the top of this page.

Jubilee Bells

Our 3 Octave Handbell choir is called the Jubilee Bells. We play about 5 or 6 times throughout the year and occasionally take our bells on the road for special performances.

May 2021 update

(“There’s no lyrics?!”) but in my former church, Community Church of Joy, my lovely friend, Marcia Andrews, started playing piano solos, and I realized it was a wonderful opportunity to meditate on an old hymn tune and to pray. Here’s your chance to bring your most private or even painful prayers for a conversation with God, and to be surrounded by other prayer warriors asking God for help in so many different ways, all in the same place at the same time, with beautiful sacred music enhancing your worship experience!

Floyd is as humble as he is talented: he would like no applause ... just the silence after his solos for you to say your ‘Amens’ to yourself.

We were visited twice in April by two experts in sound engineering, Don Nelson, and Tom Leander, who have repaired a lot of “quirks” in our sound system. We’re very grateful! Next, our organ is needing some TLC, and help is being arranged to have it filling our sanctuary with beautiful music again very soon!

Regular Sunday morning choir rehearsals will begin in September! Whether you’re a veteran choir member here, or brand new to our church, please know that you are welcome to join us. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

Singing Praises to His Holy Name,

Alan Paulson
Minister of Music​

What an answer to prayer, to be worshipping LIVE together again! I certainly hope that everyone who wants to be in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings has been able to attend, even though I know only a certain number of people can be permitted at one time. It is such a blessing for us musicians, to finally be performing for all those (masked) smiling faces in our congregation. I consider it an even greater blessing that our church genuinely VALUES music and our efforts to do our best with the talents God has given us each week. 

A new weekly feature, that I think you're going to love, is an instrumental solo by Floyd Ellison on piano! As a singer, I may have been prejudiced against instrumental music in church