Welcome to the United Church of Sun City 

Left to right: Millie Marich, Heather Purtle, Kris Purtle, Pastor Brady, Jan Paine, Jim Gray, Brenda Kucavik, Alan Paulson, and Mary Lynn Heyne


June 2022 new members

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership in the church is not a requirement for participation in our worship or activities. But if you would like to unite with this congregation, we offer two types of membership: Full members (for whom this church is your "church home") and Associate (for folks who have another church that they call  "home"). 

Because we have so many part-time residents in our community, the privileges of membership (including voting and serving as an elected Board member or officer) are extended equally to Associate and Full members.

So how do you join? Well, you just let us know you want to! Indicate it on the Fellowship pad in the pews; contact the church office; or tell one of the Pastors or Staff. Periodically we offer an orientation to the church and what membership means, and then we receive you as a member in a worship service.

Front row: Ginger Dawson, Caryl Leander, Shirley Cribbet, Leslie Chrissan, and Pastor Brady
Back row: Tom Leander, Brenda Goodenberer, Sheila Rooney, and Fran Flick

February 2022 new members

September 2022 new members