June 7           Bell Book and Candle                   1958               1 hr. 43 min.

The same year they co-starred in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, James Stewart and Kim Novak teamed up for this popular screen version of a hit Broadway comedy. Novak is a witch in Greenwich Village, who casts a love spell on already-engaged Stewart. The spell works, but Novak wants Stewart's love the old-fashioned way - with magic of the romantic variety. Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs and Elsa Lanchester also lend their support.  Cast: James Stewart. Kim Novak. Jack Lemmon.

JUNE 14       NO MOVIE

JUNE 21       Ball of Fire                                        1941               1 hr. 52min.

Gary Cooper plays a serious but lovable English professor working with his colleagues on a dictionary of American slang. When a red-hot nightclub singer on the run from the mob takes refuge in their house, she also finds a place in their hearts.  Cast: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwvck, and Oskar Homolka.

JUNE 28       Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo        1944              2 hr. 18  min.

Disheartened by the attack on Pearl Harbor and a string of defeats, America badly needs a victory in the early days of World War II. To the rescue comes Air Force Col. Jimmy Doolittle, who devises a daring plan for a raid on the Japanese capital.

Cast: Van Johnson, Robert Walker, and Don DeFore.


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