Fiddlesticks Concert

SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE - 10:00 a.m.     All are welcome!

​​We are a lively congregation where age is a number and life is a gift...

with a fabulous music program
      a varied and stimulating activities program
           meaningful mission and creative outreach
               thought-provoking sermons and wonderful worship

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In short, we are a community where people come to be part of family who worship, work and have fun together.

The United Church of Sun City is the first church established in Sun City, Arizona. We have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in programming and warmth in our welcome. 

But we aren't stuck in the past! We know God is still speaking, and we are still listening! 

Come see for yourself. 

Wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!


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Click here for Treasures 4 Teachers video.  The Treasures 4 Teachers has been supported for almost four years with the collection of recycled items.

UCC Three Great Loves​​

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United Church of Sun City

Fiddlesticks Concert (and ice cream!) Thursday, February 21 at 6 p.m. – come and be entertained!

United Church of Sun City

11250 N. 107th Ave., Ste. 105
Sun City, AZ  85351

Telephone:  (623) 933-0058
Fax:  (623) 974-3518

Facebook:  United Church of Sun City

Sunday Worship Service   10:00 a.m.
Coffee Hour  11:00 a.m.

Communion - 1st Sunday of each month
Healing Service - 3rd Sunday of each month
at 11:15 a.m. in Grace Chapel

Thursday Bible Study - 11:00 a.m. 
in Grace Chapel

The Pastor's Post​


I concluded last month’s newsletter with these words: “Whatever the new-year holds, my prayer is that as people of faith, our faith and trust in the Lord will flourish as we make our way through 2019.  The truth is we don’t know what the future will bring.  But with faith, we are assured that whatever happens, we will experience it with God.  Here’s to 2019!”

Little did I know that just about two and a half weeks after writing those words, they would take on new meaning for me with the death of my Dad.  While Dad had been ill earlier in December, was hospitalized for a few days, and went home with oxygen, I never expected that death was so near.  What a kick in the gut.

And yet, the truth is we never know what the future will bring.  I now have a greater understanding of the idea that the future is unknown.  And my understanding of faith is greater, too.  With faith, we are assured that whatever happens, we will experience it with God.  And that is my overriding feeling in these days following Dad’s death; we are experiencing it with God and that is good because God is good!

I am so thankful that Dad – and Mom – have been able to visit United Church, attend my installation service, worship with us, and that Dad and I even went to Men’s Breakfast a couple of times.  I will always be able to sense Dad’s presence in this place that God has called into being.  That is good because God is good!

It is also nearly impossible for me to express my appreciation for all the kind words, hugs, cards, food, and understanding shared by so many of you since I have returned to work.  I find God in ALL the kind expressions shared with my entire family.  That is so good because God is so good!

And now the new-year continues without any further knowledge of what the future holds, but with faith I believe even more deeply that God is always with us, no matter what, and that is good because God is good . . . all the time!

Grateful for wonderful memories and the goodness of God,

Pastor Brady ​

Welcome to the United Church of Sun City